Laser Jump Start 1/8" Laser Material Kits

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Quick Overview

► Double Sided MDF Material!

► 12" X 24" and 24" X 24" Starter Kits Sizing Options!

► Triple Titan Packages Available!

► Custom sizing available over the phone or through email!

► Cuts and Engraves Clean!

Clean easily by using a damp cloth!

► FREE materials Sample Kits Available for U.S. Customers; email to order your FREE Material Sample Kit Today!

► Starter Kits include 8 sheets of each color set in the ordered size.

► Triple Titan Packages include 24 sheets of each color set in the ordred size.

Update: Some colors are discontinued: LJSM003, LJSM004, and LJSM006--please place custom orders accordingly.

Available Colors: LJSM001, LJSM002, and LJSM005--Please Select combinations from these three color-sets!

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