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This page will help guide you in determining if your version of CorelDraw has VBA installed in order to be compatible with the LJS programs: BoxIt Suite, FlexIt Suite, ARTWelder, NameIt Suite, and CorelDraw integration of Frame Suite.


What is VBA?

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is a programming language designed by Microsoft that in this instance is integrated with the CorelDraw software to allow Macro Programs like the LJS Software to run within and integrate with CorelDraw.


What versions of CorelDraw have VBA?

VBA was not introduced into CorelDraw until CorelDraw version 12 and every version after 12 (X3,X4,X5,X6). However they only supply the VBA capability in Professional editions and not the Home/Student edtions of CorelDraw. There is an exception that CorelDraw X4 Home/Student comes with VBA, and having been tested by LJS and it's customers this have been validated as true thus far.


How to determine if your version of CorelDraw has VBA enabled (Please see below bulleted list for images to better show the process) :

1. To check if VBA is enabled in your version of CorelDraw first start by opening your version of CorelDraw 12, X3, X4, X5, or X6.

2. Open a new blank workspace.

3. Locate the top toolbar with the Tools option.

4. Click on tools to have the drop-down menu appear.

5. Select the "Options" option towards the top of the list (Picture 1).

6. A new window should appear in front of the workspace.

7. On the left side locate the Workspace option and make sure it has been expanded by clicking the "+" on the left side of it.

8. Under the Workspace option tree locate the VBA option and select it (Picture 2).

9. The right hand side of the window will change to display the different VBA options available.

10a. If the checkboxes in the ride section are greyed out or not able to be changed then your version of CorelDraw does not have VBA enabled. Sometimes this can be fixed if VBA was not selected as an option to be installed during the installation process which can be easily fixed by reinstalling CorelDraw.

10b. If the boxes can be checked and/or unchecked then your version of CorelDraw has VBA.


Picture 1. Locating the Options option from the Tools Drop-down Menu

Picture 2. VBA menu from the Options Window

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