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 Q. CorelDraw versions X7/X8/2017 have been available for some time, when can I expect the LJS main program upgrades to be completed so I can start using the LJS programs in CorelDraw versions X7, X8, and 2017?

A. Laser Jump Start has developed some refresh versions for CorelDraw Full Graphics Suite X7, X8, and 2017. You can order the refresh versions via each product page or upgrade through our Softrware Upgrades and Licenses tap. LJS's refresh versions are compatible with CorelDraw X7, X8, and 2017, if you have an older version of CorelDraw as well, you will need to indicate in the order process which version of our software you would prefer. If you have an older version of CorelDraw with one or more of our LJS programs installed and wish to use upgrade to a newer version of CorelDraw, you can upgrade to our refresh versions as desired.  If you would like to have our LJS programs on both an older version of CorelDraw (examples version 12-X6) and a newer version (example 2017), you will need to order a full copy of our refresh versions for the CorelDraw 2017 version. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Q. I don’t have CorelDraw, can I still use the FrameIt Suite program.

A. Yes, you can use the FrameIt Suite program without CorelDraw. The FrameIt Suite is a stand alone program that can generate .svg files that can be opened by Adobe Illustrator as well as CorelDraw. We do recommend that the user has CorelDraw so that they can utilize the full potential of the FrameIt Suite when combined with our other Software Programs and Suites. The FrameIt Suite is compatible with CorelDraw 12, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, X8, and 2017 on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

Q. CorelDraw has a weld function, couldn't I just use that instead of your software?

A. CorelDraw's weld function will only create exterior outlines of all the objects put together. The FrameIt Suite will do this as well as maintain the lines that would originally be removed, but by putting them in another color and as a seperate entity the user can cut and engrave them seperately to create unique products that if done normally within CorelDraw would take vast amounts of time to manually create. The FrameIt Suite also has many more features that allow for quick changes to the outcome, and previewing the outcome to save a lot of time and effort for the user.

Q. What is the difference between this program and the ARTWelder program, they look very similar if not the same?

A. The FrameIt Suite, before using either software seem similar to the ARTWelder, but in fact they are two completely different programs in how they function and the results that they produce.

  • The FrameIt Suite has the ability to weld large amounts of text together in paragraph formats in such a way that you can cut the exterior and have the lines automatically created to cut the interior of the pieces. 
  • The FrameIt Suite has the capability to run predesigned frames and for the user to place text in multiple orientations and in any order around the frames.
  •  The FrameIt Suite can also take shapes and text that the user creates within CorelDraw and weld them together into a primary outline while still maintaining the interior lines for engraving.   

Q. Could I familiarize myself with the program by reviewing the manual?

A. Yes, but only after you have paid for the program then you will have access to the FrameIt Suite manual.

Q. I have multiple computers, can I use the same FrameIt Suite program disk to install on all my computers?

A. Yes, however you can only install one computer with your serial number. You may us the same disk and purchase additional licenses however we will assign a letter behind your serial number for registration and tracking purposes. Additional licenses of your serialized FrameIt Suite program are $49 per additional computer. Call Laser Jump Start at 208-697-5587 to purchase additional licenses and we will indicate a letter after your FrameIt Suite serial number for your 2nd or 3rd copies.

Q. My business already has a profitable niche market. What could the FrameIt Suite offer me?

A. The FrameIt Suite allows you an opportunity for additional growth and products by developing unique products that apply toward your current niche, or can supplement your current niche market.

Q. My business does not have a niche market. How can the FrameIt Suite enhance my business?

A. If your business does not have a niche market, the FrameIt Suite software program provides a quick and easy opportunity to design and cut unique, personalized, and functional products to help create your business’s niche market.

Q. What type of training will I receive with my FrameIt Suite program purchase?

A. You will have a comprehensive manual included on the disk that explains how to use the program.

Q. The FrameIt Suite’s list price is high in comparison to other macro programs, why is that?

A. When you buy the FrameIt Suite you are actually getting 6 different capabilities in one program. You receive FrameIt, Paragraph, Etch Weld, and their corresponding batching functions all within one program. Each capability; therefore, are less than $32.00 each. So, you are receiving an amazing suite of NEW capabilities for a very low price of $189 to greatly enhance your business’s capabilities. The program will be paid for just by selling a few projects not to mention the potential for many re-orders. The best part of this approach in design is that the designs are yours to keep for future orders. They are designed by you and are owned by you.

Q. I am very excited about the new capabilities I will have using the FrameIt Suite program! I have told many of my customers about the new products I can offer them. I don’t have time to read the manual; I need to get these orders processed ASAP! Can’t I just follow the Quick Install and Getting Started page and start using the program immediately?

A. Its wonderful that your customers are so excited about the new products you can produce. However, you need to take the time and read the manual before you start making products for resale. It’s very important that you spend the extra time upfront to gain a solid program understanding; otherwise you may become frustrated on how to perform different operations due to the lack of program knowledge. We want you to be successful with the FrameIt Suite, so we strongly suggest that you familiarize yourself with the entire program to take full advantage of all your new capabilities. The time you spend upfront familiarizing yourself with the program will pay off in the long-run. Give yourself and your business the jump start you both deserve—first read and view the learning materials we have provided you! You will be a lot happier in doing so.

Q. My FrameIt Suite program is not installing properly. What should I do?

A. When in doubt—follow the Quick Install instruction page and read the manual. You will also want to check that your version of .NetFramework is up to date, you can check this by downloading and running the web installer of .NetFramework 4.0 which can be found here: .NetFramework Update.

Q. My FrameIt Suite program is installed, but not working in CorelDraw. What should I do?

A. When in doubt—follow the Quick Install instruction page and read the manual. One thing to check if you are still unsure is if your version of CorelDraw has VBA enabled. This can be found by going into CorelDraw and on the top toolbar selecting the Tools dropdown option, then the Options button at the top.  In the new dialogue menu expand the workspace category and select the VBA option below. When looking at the right side of this window now if you notice that there is nothing there or that there are options greyed out this could indicate that your version of CorelDraw does not have VBA enabled. You may need to re-install or preform a repair of your version of CorelDraw to fix this.

Q. One of the program capabilities isn’t working properly. What should I do?

A. Double check your settings first and review the manual again. If your settings are correct please email our technical support at so we can help you resolve the problem.

Q. Does my one-time purchase of the FrameIt Suite give me lifetime program upgrades?

A. New program versions that offer additional capabilities will require an additional purchase to take full advantage of the upgraded or refresh program. You will be allowed a significant discount to purchase these new capabilities if we offer new versions of the software in the future.

Q. Can you tell me more about other problems we might encounter when installing the software in different versions of CorelDraw in either Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8?

A. Different versions of CorelDraw have mild issues when working with different operating systems. These problems do not pertain to our program however they do pertain to the version of software and how it operates under different operating systems. We have provided updates for version X4 of CorelDraw so you can try using some of those updates to make the installation a little easier.

Q. What is the difference between the Green and Yellow Buttons, and why are they there?

A. FrameIt, when used within CorelDraw, has the ability to preform batching functions to help speed up the creation of projects. The Green buttons are the batching version of each program and are positioned in the same order as the Yellow buttons.  The Yellow buttons are the main program interfaces, here you can define, preview, and set your settings to create your projects. These are the settings that are saved and reproduced when running batching.

Q. Why do I have to pay extra to install this on my other computers?  After all, Corel lets me install the program on several computers.  Your company seems very greedy

A. We originally planned on including 2 extra seat licenses for the FrameIt Suite (3 installs) at a much higher price along with a printed manual and more elaborate packaging. Laser Jump Starts believes laser users should have access to our laser software solutions for their business at affordable pricing. We want all laser users to have the opportunity to benefit from our laser software; therefore, extra seat licenses were removed and packaging scaled down to pass on the savings to our customers. Many customers do not have a need for extra seat licenses (extra installations); therefore, we didn’t want to charge customers for extra seat licenses they were not going to use. You indicated that you thought our company was “greedy” for applying a charge for extra installations; however, our company is very fair and honest. We want to point out that our software is extremely complex in its capabilities; however very user friendly—this is our goal when developing our software programs. The FrameIt Suite took in excess of 2 years to develop through a highly skilled team of engineers, computer programmers, and laser users. The development cost associated with the FrameIt Suite program have yet to be recovered, and may take several years before these costs are met. The software was intended for laser users hence we do not have a broad market in which to sell our products. Hence, the programs are seemingly more expensive than other software solutions.

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