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This FAQ is designed for Laser Jump Start Volume I, II, III, IV, and Beginner BoxIt Projects Template Packages.

Q. I don’t have CorelDRAW, can I still use the LJS Volume 1 Templates?

A. Maybe you can; The issue would be if you’re Adobe Illustrator or other design software allows you to import CDR files. We have not tested different software programs so we cannot say that it does. Volume 1 was primarily intended for CorelDRAW use. Volume 1 operates within CorelDRAW, thus CorelDRAW is a prerequisite. It is compatible with Versions 5-12, X3, X4, X5, and X6.

Q. I don’t have CorelDRAW, can I still use the LJS Volume II, III, IV, and Beginner BoxIt Project Templates?

A. No, you cannot use any of the Volume Templates without CorelDRAW. All Volume Templates operate within CorelDRAW, thus CorelDRAW is a prerequisite. It is compatible with Versions 12, X3, X4, X5 and X6.

Q. Could I familiarize myself with the program by reviewing the manual?

A. Yes, but only after you have paid for the program then you will have access to your purchased LJS Volume Template(s) index and guides.

Q. I have multiple computers; can I use the same Volume program disk to use on all my computers?

A. Yes because each Volume consists of templates that can be treated just as normal “.cdr” files it can.

Q. What type of training will I receive with my LJS Volume Template purchase?

A. You will have a comprehensive manual included on the disk that explains how to use the template package as well as descriptive index and pictures to help visually guide you through the cutting and assembly process.

Q. Does my one-time purchase of LJS Volume II give me free lifetime software updates and bug fixes?

A. If there is ever a need to update any bug in any of the LJS family of software it will always be free.

Q. I see a project that I like, but when I cut it out the pieces won’t fit together, what is wrong?

A. Always keep in mind that with all of the LJS family of volumes that the material thickness and cutting kerf are variables that you must account for. Your material may be too thick or thin for the project or your cutting kerf too large or small for the project, this can easily be fixed by quickly using node editing on the template to meet your needs.

Q. I keep hearing about “Cutting Kerf”, what is it?

A. We have provided a very descriptive section on “Cutting Kerf” in each of the LJS Volume manuals so that you can clearly understand the term.

Q. I really like a project in the manual but I would like to change it slightly to either put my logo in the project, some of my own art, etc, could I do that?

A. All of the LJS Volume Template projects can be easily changed with some simple knowledge of CorelDRAW. By editing nodes with the shape tool, using basic shapes, etc you can quickly change a design to meet your needs or your customers needs.

Q. I really like some of the projects, but some of the other projects I just do not like, what can I do to make the purchase of this volume more worthwhile?

A. Keep in mind that although you may not like some projects in the volume that some of your customers may like them. The volume of templates is designed so that we can get multiple different designs in each volume, so it is understandable that one person may not like every project in the volume, but their customers may in turn really like all of the projects.

Q. What kind of materials can I use to make these projects; I don’t have .123” MDF material.

A. Any material that you have you can use with these templates, keep in mind that with some quick node editing in CorelDraw you can change the pieces to compensate for material thickness as well as cutting kerf.

Q. I just don’t see how a project is useful to me, am I missing something?

A. Each project in a LJS Volume Template Package is designed so that they can actually be used by their function, OR they can be used as displays, signs, or some other fashion. All of these projects do have a function and are usable, it is just up to you how you can use them or if you could use them.

Q. In the CD there are ‘2011 New Bonus Projects’, ‘Beginner-Easy Projects’, ‘Intermediate Projects’, and ‘Difficult Projects’; where do I even begin?

A. If you look on the index, the index is broken down by the difficulty of each project, this is what the ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’, and ‘Difficult’ is referring to. In March of 2011 we decided to add over a dozen more projects for free into this volume, if you are purchasing the volume after that time you will see the folder that contains all of the new projects on it.

Q. In the CD I see a file named ‘Miniature Dozen and More (12×24)’, what is this?

A. Upon release of Volume III we had a lot of people want the volume but they only had 12” x 24” laser systems whereas most of the volume required 18” x 24” as a minimum, so after listening to what our customers want we added over a dozen more templates into the volume for free so that the volume was more applicable to 12” x 24” laser system users.

Q. Why are there “New Products” and “Original (Legacy) Products”, and what are the differences?

A. Early in 2011 we added more files and templates into Volume 1 without changing the price so that the volume would appeal to more people. All of the files that originally came with Volume 1 (pre-update) are in the “Original (Legacy) Products” folders and manuals, all of the files and projects that were added to the volume are in the “New Products” folders and manuals, so that you could quickly see the difference. None of the files between the two sets are the same.

Q. When I open up the project folders I see ‘.ssf’, ‘.bsf’, ‘.csf’, ‘.qsf’, and ‘.psf’ files, what are these and why won’t CorelDRAW open these up?

A. These are the file that the BoxIt software recognizes. Because or the fact that we designed this volume with BoxIt, we give you the ability to re-create each of the files from start to finish. If you do not have the BoxIt Suite software these files are not useful to you at this point.

Q. If I do not have BoxIt I can’t re-make these files can I?

A. You actually can re-create each of these files, it is just more difficult to do the re-creation.

Q. I go to open up a project but I see ‘Version 5’ and ‘Version 11’ what does this mean?

A. This refers to the version of the file that you should use depending on what version of CorelDRAW that you are currently using. Because of the differences of CorelDRAW over time, we did not want to provide just one file for each template, so each file has a Version 5 version as well as a Version 11 version. If you are using CorelDraw versions 5-10, only open up the files that are in the ‘Version 5’ folder, if you are using CorelDRAW versions 11, 12, X3, X4, X5, or X6 use the files in the ‘Version 11’ folder.

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