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Q. CorelDraw X8 came out recently so when can I expect the upgrade for my software so that it is compatible with it?

A. Due to the current instability with X8 and the many updates that are being applied to it, many of which involving VBA. Laser Jump Start has chosen to postpone any major work on software updates until X8 has reached a stable point. Future updates may be made to allow our programs to work on the new versions.

Q. CorelDraw versions X7/X8 have been available for some time, when can I expect the LJS main program upgrades to be completed so I can start using the LJS programs in CorelDraw versions X7/X8?

A. Yes, as of 2018 all LJS products are compatible with CorelDraw 12 - 2017

Q. I don’t have CorelDraw, can I still use the NameIt Suite program.

A. No, you cannot use the NameIt Suite program without CorelDraw. The NameIt Suite program operates within CorelDraw, thus CorelDraw is a prerequisite. It is compatible with Version 12, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, X8, and 2017.

Q. Could I familiarize myself with the program by reviewing the manual?

A. Yes, but only after you have paid for the program then you will have access to the NameIt Suite manual.

Q. I have multiple computers, can I use the same NameIt Suite program disk to install on all my computers?

A. Yes, however you can only install one computer with your serial number. You may use the same disk and purchase additional licenses however we will assign a letter behind your serial number for registration and tracking purposes. Additional licenses of your serialized NameIt Suite program are $49 per additional computer. Call Laser Jump Start at 208-697-5587 to purchase additional licenses and we will indicate a letter after your NameIt Suite serial number for your 2nd or 3rd copies.

Q. My business already does personalized engraving for long lists of names. I simply cut and paste each name from a list or excel document. What could the NameIt Suite offer me?

A. The NameIt Suite allows you an opportunity for additional growth and productivity  by downloading names from excel documents. This will allow you to automate the process of downloading lists of names without worry of typos and other mistakes. It will also allow you to serialize a product without having to make a change for each part.

Q. What type of training will I receive with my NameIt Suite program purchase?

A. You will have a comprehensive manual included on the disk that explains how to use the program. The  manual does a good job of going through the different capabilities. The program is relatively simple to use once you read the manual and try it a few times.

Q. My NameIt Suite program is not installing properly. What should I do?

A. When in doubt—follow the Quick Install instruction page and read the manual. If the Standard Install process isn’t working for you, try the Manual Installation. You may have to reinstall your version of CorelDraw if Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) was not originally selected during your CorelDraw installation.

Q. One of the program capabilities isn’t working properly. What should I do?

A. Double check your settings first and review the manual again. If your settings are correct please email our technical support at so we can help you resolve the problem.

Q. Does my one-time purchase of the NameIt Suite give me lifetime program upgrades?

A. New program versions that offer additional capabilities will require an additional purchase to take full advantage of the upgraded program. You will be allowed a significant discount to purchase these new capabilities if and when we offer new versions of the software in the future.

Q: I am using CorelDraw’s X5 ‘Master Page’ option to create many pages and for some reason only a couple of the pages display the names correctly, why isn’t it working?

A. The NameIt Suite programming does not work with Corel’s ‘Master Page’ programming, therefore only a couple pages (if not only the first page) will work correctly. To resolve this problem simply create as many pages as necessary and copy and paste the targets into the new pages. This process will take a little bit longer but should resolve the problem.

Q. Can you tell me more about other problems we might encounter when installing the software in different versions of CorelDraw in either Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8?

A. Different versions of CorelDraw have subtle issues when working in different operating systems. We have prepared a chart that helps explain some of these issues. These problems do not pertain to our program however they do pertain to the version of software and how it operates under different operating systems. As an example, Version X5 was designed for Windows 7 and it allows our program to install very easily. However, the older versions of CorelDraw, while they may install in Windows 7, do not operate that easily in the Windows 7 environment. We have provided updates for version X4 of CorelDraw so you can try using some of those updates to make the installation a little easier. Please also remember, the manual installation will only take 5 or 10 minutes more and then you’ll be off using the program without issues. See the Chart below for a better understanding.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Prior to
Install Scenarios                              CorelDraw 12              CorelDraw X3            CorelDraw X4             CorelDraw X5           CorelDraw X6       CorelDraw 12
WindowsXP                                      Standard Install         Standard Install        Standard Install          Standard Install       Standard Install       Unsupported
WindowsVista                                  Manual Install            Manual Install           Standard Install         Standard Install        Standard Install       Unsupported
Windows 7                                       Manual Install            Manual Install           Standard Install         Standard Install        Standard Install       Unsupported
Windows 8                                       Manual Install            Manual Install           Standard Install         Standard Install        Standard Install       Unsupported
Versions Prior to Windows XP        Unsupported              Unsupported             Unsupported              Unsupported             Unsupported            Unsupported

Q. I wan to use a corel file with multiple pages so that I can keep all the work in one corel file, instead of having a lot of files for them?

A. You also can have multiple pages inside Corel and you can simply run NameIt from the first page, with the multiple pages option selected, and it will run through all the rest of the pages in the document and fill everything out so long as it is originally set up to the way you want.  So yes you can do everything from a single file to save effort and space with the NameIt software.

Q. What happens if I want the word in a banner or along a path?

A. For the banners you can use the Fit Text Width option to have it fit perfectly within the banners borders.  Also for fitting it along a path, be it in a banner or not, you simply just have to fit the text to the path, run the NameIt software, and then you can either keep the path it’s set to or delete it after NameIt has been run.


Q. Can I play with looks after Name it has add the text? To add swirls etc? Or do it before?

A. You can adjust things before NameIt has added the text, but it is recommend to do it after so that you don’t accidentally alter the order NameIt runs in.


Q. Can I move the grouped object or objects?

A. You can move a grouped object with the wording around the page, but you must ungroup it before you run NameIt so that the program can recognize your target words.  Also NameIt will run based on the order of creation, so if you have your line of boxes with the target wording in them and you group one and then ungroup it.  Then this last one that you altered will become the last in the series.  This is to help for when you are trying to do batching on an actual object and the object isn’t a regular shape.

Q. NameIt is giving me the error saying it has an invalid property?

A. What commonly causes this popup is if your .csv file containing your data has a completely blank first row.  If this is the case you can easily delete the row to move the data up one or select and move the data so that it now starts in the first row.

Q. NameIt is giving me the error saying it cannot find the file even though I found and tried to open it through NameIt?

A. This occurence is generally caused by an error when the .csv file was first saved. The solution to this is to select the option to "save as" while viewing the file within Excel and then overwrite the file or save it with a new name. 


Q. You said something about shrinking text to fit, how is that done?

A. Yes shrinking text to fit is a great way to automatically fit larger groups of words into a specific area.  A great way to do this is to expand out your text to the max desired by adding x’s after your target text until it reaches the full length that you desire.  Then you can copy and paste the target plus the x’s into the NameIt target window and so long as Limit Text Width is selected, the text will stay within the length that you created without distortion.

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