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Welcome to Laser Jump Start!
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Thank you for completing the Registration Form! Please find below more than 30 free sample projects you can run on your laser system!

AttentionThere are 3 different files for each project designed using BoxIt and FlexIt. Each file is the same project, but designed with a different cutting kerf (width of your laser beam cut) measurement. Three different cutting kerf sizes are offered for each file to increase compatibility with a wider variety of laser system's cutting kerfs and materials used to create the samples (0.004", 0.006", and 0.008").

Your cutting kerf measurement determines how tight the pieces assemble and stay together. You can find more information on cutting kerf Here.


Material Thickness and Type Suggestion:

Please note unless indicated otherwise, the material type and thickness used to create these samples was 1/8" Medium Density Fiber material. You will have the best results using a similar material for these samples. However most wood or acrylic materials 1/8" thick should work fine for these samples.

Important Measurements for BoxIt and FlexIt Success:

SuccessThe most important measurements for the BoxIt Suite and FlexIt Suite programs to ensure optimum results for your products is your Cutting Kerf and Material Thickness measurements for your desired material. You can easily change these measurements in the user interface for your specific applications.


Samples Created from Laser Jump Start’s Main Programs

ARTWelder Samples
BoxIt Suite Samples
FlexIt Suite Samples
FrameIt Suite Samples
ARTWelder Template Samples
BoxIt Suite Template Samples
FlexIt Suite Template Samples
Trio Program Template Samples
Font and Frames Template Samples

ARTWelder Created Personalized Product Samples

21st Birthday




1st Place


Newest Addition 1


BoxIt Suite Created Personalized Product Samples. The BoxIt Suite offers six main capabilities—BoxIt, CartonIt, Cube-In-A-Cube, Platform, Shadowbox, and Torsion Box.

BoxIt Example:

Ball Display(0.004" cutting kerf)
Ball Display(0.006" cutting kerf)
Ball Display(0.008" cutting kerf)


CartonIt Example:

Small Packaging Carton

Platform Example:

Basic Plaque(0.004" cutting kerf)
Basic Plaque(0.006" cutting kerf)
Basic Plaque(0.008" cutting kerf)


Platform Example:

Police Officer Plaque(0.004" cutting kerf)
Police Officer Plaque(0.006" cutting kerf)
Police Officer Plaque(0.008" cutting kerf)


Shadowbox Example:

Small Shadowbox Display(0.004" cutting kerf)
Small Shadowbox Display(0.006" cutting kerf)

Small Shadowbox Display(0.008" cutting kerf)


Torsion Box Example:

Single Medal Display(0.004" cutting kerf)
Single Medal Display(0.006" cutting kerf)
Single Medal Display(0.008" cutting kerf)



FlexIt Created Personalized Product Samples. FlexIt has three main capabilities—FlexIt, Cone, and CurveBox.

FlexIt Example:

Small Football Plaque(0.004" cutting kerf)
Small Football Plaque(0.006" cutting kerf)
Small Football Plaque(0.008" cutting kerf)

FlexIt Example:

Miniature Clock(0.004" cutting kerf)
Miniature Clock(0.006" cutting kerf)
Miniature Clock(0.008" cutting kerf)

Cone Example:

Eccentric Cone(0.004" cutting kerf)
Eccentric Cone(0.006" cutting kerf)
Eccentric Cone(0.008" cutting kerf)


Cone Example:

Concentric Cone(0.004" cutting kerf)
Concentric Cone(0.006" cutting kerf)
Concentric Cone(0.008" cutting kerf)


Living Hinge Example:

FlexIt Stamp Box(0.004" cutting kerf)
FlexIt Stamp Box(0.006" cutting kerf)

FlexIt Stamp Box(0.008" cutting kerf)


Curve Box Example:

Curve Box(0.004" cutting kerf)
Curve Box(0.006" cutting kerf)
Curve Box(0.008" cutting kerf)


FrameIt Created Personalized Product Samples. FrameIt has three main capabilities—Paragraph, Frame, and EtchWeld.

Paragraph Example:


Paragraph Example:


Frame Example:



EtchWeld Example:

Hawaii Surf

EtchWeld Example:



Samples Created from Laser Jump Start’s Main Programs and Included in LJS’s Various Supporting Template Packages


ARTWelder Related Template Package:

    • ARTWelder Ornament Design Themes Vol. I









4-H Competition










 #5 #5 


BoxIt Suite Related Template Packages:

Laser Jump Start Vol. II “BoxIt Projects”

Name Plate (0.004" cutting kerf)
Name Plate (0.006" cutting kerf)

Name Plate (0.008" cutting kerf)

Laser Jump Start Vol. III “BoxIt Point-of-Purchase Displays”

Miniature Football Display(0.004" cutting kerf)
Miniature Football Display(0.006" cutting kerf)

Miniature Football Display(0.008" cutting kerf)


Laser Jump Start Vol. IV “Home Décor & Office BoxIt Projects”

Paperclip Stickynote Holder(0.004" cutting kerf)
Paperclip Stickynote Holder(0.006" cutting kerf)

Paperclip Stickynote Holder(0.008" cutting kerf)


Beginner BoxIt Projects

Grand Marnier Container—Slider Box(0.004" cutting kerf)
Grand Marnier Container—Slider Box(0.006" cutting kerf)

Grand Marnier Container—Slider Box(0.008" cutting kerf)


FlexIt Suite Related Template Packages:

Dozen FlexIt Projects
Belly Jewelry/Gift Box (0.004" cutting kerf)
Belly Jewelry/Gift Box (0.006" cutting kerf)
Belly Jewelry/Gift Box (0.008" cutting kerf)


Combination Template Packages:

  • Trio Package—BoxIt, FlexIt, and FrameIt Combination Projects


(BoxIt and FlexIt Combination)

Small Trophy Base(0.004" cutting kerf)
Small Trophy Base(0.006" cutting kerf)
Small Trophy Base(0.008" cutting kerf)

(BoxIt, FlexIt, and FrameIt Combination)

Memory Box(0.004" cutting kerf)
Memory Box(0.006" cutting kerf)
Memory Box(0.008" cutting kerf)


Additional Template Packages:

Laser Friendly Filigree Font & Frames

Letter A

Number 3

Complex Square Corner Frame


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